Website hosting

Your website will be hosted on dual redundant servers at geographically separate UK locations. This allows us to improve the reliability and availability of your website to over 99.995%.

We operate all essential internet services in-house such as Domain Name Servers (DNS), email, webserver and database servers. This means we have total flexibility to deliver the solution you require and we do not rely on any third party services other than for the physical housing of the servers in state of the art UK datacentres.

Website maintenance

Our website hosting service includes access to our simple to use web-based content management system giving you control over your website content and layout, and the ability to perform updates whenever you want, and from wherever in the world, providing you have internet access.

The content management system gives you the ability to change the page layouts, text content and photographs. With the additional add-on options, you can maintain your blog, post updates to social networking sites, create and distribute newsletters, add news items, publicise events, and much more.

BackupBackups and data safety

We perform automatic backups on all of our servers to ensure your data is protected. Additionally, as an extra safety feature, we replicate all data on a continual basis at geographically isolated data centres. This ensures that no single server or data centre failure will cause the loss of your data.