Our website design service

Our website design service is very much a collaborative effort with the client. Whilst we are happy to present a completed solution to you, we very much prefer a joint development of the site to ensure that the evolvement of the website combines both your and our ideas to produce an amazing site.

Included essential website features:

  • Social networking links
  • Google Analytics weekly report
  • Website backup
  • Access to SEO features (meta tags)
  • Content management system
  • Email addresses

Optional extras

  • Blog
  • News feed (RSS)
  • Site search
  • Social networking update facility
  • ShareThis toolbar
  • User registration facility
  • News
  • Events
  • Sitemap
  • Newsletters
  • Self administered or managed updates
  • Email facility (using our own servers)

Please see our prices page for details and pricing of these additional features.

The internet continues to evolve at a frantic pace, and so our in-house website platform allows us to keep up with the changing face of internet standards and website features by implementing an extremely flexible design structure so that you can be assured of having access to new plugin features as they are developed.

Bring your website up to date and benefit from the latest software and user interface standards.

We have developed our own in-house website platform which enables us to provide very competitive rates for web design and hosting along with potentially very quick website setups, within hours if required.

Using off-the-shelf pluggable components, your website can easily incorporate the latest social networking or blog features.

Our website design packages come with options for blogs, social networking links, newsletter distribution, statistics using Google Analytics, and much more.

If you would prefer not to maintain your website then we can help. For a small monthly fee, dependent upon the complexity of your website solution, we can perform your site updates for you.

Content management system

With our easy to use content management system, you have access to all of your content and website layout, and can edit the search engine optimisation fields (meta tags). This gives you ultimate power to control how your website appears and performs.